Robin Breon in the Globe and Mail

Elizabeth Renzetti’s recent column in The Globe and Mail (RIP Truth: You were fun while you lasted, 11.10.18) brought to the public’s attention the recent, mysterious disappearance  of Truth. Referencing Michiko Kakitani’s new book, The Death of Truth, Renzetti goes on to give us the gory details not fully explicated in Kakitani’s reportage. Many were completely unaware of the horrific details surrounding Truth’s purported demise. 

My letter to the editor in The Globe and Mail (linked below) relays my own personal grief and feeling of loss over what certainly seems to be the undeniable death of Truth.

The Globe and Mail:

Elizabeth Renzetti reports that in a macabre turn of events, police found the body of Truth, who died of neglect, being dragged away by a rat which mistook it for pizza.

(Renzetti) made no mention of a funeral or memorial service; whether Truth was cremated or buried remains unclear. Sadly, historians and journalists one hundred years from now may have to dig deep if they are to discover the remains of Truth.

Robin Breon, Weston, Ont.

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